Business Meeting


Crystalblu Management team


Managing Director

Fahad Shaukat

Fahad is a seasoned and highly experienced Sales & Marketing executive.


Working in several multinational companies like INFINITI, Lexus and Mercedes, Fahad ventured into acquisition of Crystalblu and restructured the business to spectacular growth of approx. 500% in the 2019.  The team started from scratch and were able to serve more than 3000 customers since acquisition.  Crystalblu now comprises of 36 employees.

Fahad's last position was of Regional General Manager Sales and Marketing for Infiniti Middle East where he worked in this position for 6 years.  Prior to that he was leading the marketing communication and creative strategy for Lexus in UAE.

Fahad graduated in software engineering from UAE and later pursued MBA from UK with Coventry University.

Additionally, he has certifications in Digital Marketing and several Adobe Modules i.e. Premiere Pro and Photshop.


Fahad has a keen interest in videography and photography and has been leading the creative direction at Crystalblu.

In addition to managing Crystalblu, Fahad is an active investor in Crypto Currencies and real estate investments.

Hobbies: Fitness, cricket and travelling



Managing Partner

Omar Malik

Omar has served as a leading financial analyst in several leading institutions and has been instrumental in driving businesses to profitability through effective and efficient project management models.

In his last position, he was serving as the Financial Head in Nissan Gulf for a period of 10 years.

Omar is a financial graduate and has profound experience in project management, financial feasibility, financial ratios and activity based costing.

Omar has been instrumental in steering Crystalblu to strong profitability and growth, and has effectively managed the HR of the company with strong policies and organisational values.

In addition to managing Crystalblu, Fahad is an active investor in Crypto Currencies and real estate investments.

Hobbies: Football, stocks, travel


Sales and Marketing Manager

Veronica Candano

Veronica is a highly experienced sales and marketing expert.

In her previous role, she served as the regional sales and marketing manager for INFINITI brand in the Middleeast.

She has also served in the hospitality industry managing big client portfolios and steering business development.

Veronica is a management graduate with specialization in marketing and has undertaken several courses in Digital Marketing.

She has been a crucial member of Crystalblu leading the sales and client relationship.

Hobbies: Tennis, fitness, travel


Quality and Procurement Manager

Sameer Malik

Sameer has held various roles in leading procurement and managing quality control.

He has worked in several leading companies improving quality and leading to cost effective procurement.  He has also been instrumental in providing hands on training in the service industry for technical products.

He has been a leading force in Crystalblu in streamlining and standardising quality controls.

Hobbies:Gadgets, Cricket

Operations Executive

Atif Muhammad

Atif joined as a fresher in Crystalblu and in less than a year was able to demonstrate tremendous authority over work.

A business graduate, and extremely passionate employee, Atif has been a formidable force in streamlining the business operations at Crystalblu.